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S1E5: Fresno Restaurants Reviews | Upcoming Fresno Nightcrawler Episode | Porch Pirates in Fresno

Sergeant Maynard Dixon and J.T. take over the show. They go over Google Reviews live from Corina's Taqueria in Fresno. Sergeant Dixon and J.T. switch off reading and reacting to reviews as written by patrons of Corina's Taqueria. Sergeant Dixon reacts to some negative reviews and correcting those that wrote them. Jason Matthews reviews of the businesses talked about on the show are HERE.

J.T. is going to Tioga Middle School in Fresno in the fall and gives an update on using his aunt's address to try and get into Alta Sierra in Clovis. Sergeant Dixon speculates on what the kids going to Alta Sierra might be wearing to school. J.T. relays a story of a birthday party he went to in Clovis and how the present he gave as a gift wasn't good enough.

J.T. reads an article about Porch Pirates in Fresno. Sergeant Dixon watches a YouTube video from Fresno of these Porch Pirates and speculates where they came from. The Porch Pirate article is HERE.


S1E4: Fresno Backwards Messages Audio | Scary Voices Talking Selland Arena Ghosts | Fresno Secrets

Host Jason Matthews talks with co-hosts Sergeant Dixon and J.T. in a backwards secret message audio about Fresno concerts and Selland Arena. Supposedly there is a ghost of Selland Arena that haunts the area similar to the Fresno Nightcrawler.

Host Jason Matthews talks about the Easter Egg (Hidden Meanings) Audio from each episode that explains all the hidden messages over at Every episode of the Forever Fresno Show has hidden messages even if the audio is played forwards. If you get the Easter Egg Audio package, you will understand why certain things are said on the show if you can't figure them out on your own. This special audio talks about Fresno history, growing up in Fresno, how the show was created around the hidden meanings and much more. The audio also gives you more insight into Sergeant Maynard Dixon and his wife Dorthea. JT also talks about going to school in Fresno.

Sergeant Dixon talks about past wrestling events in Selland …

S1E3: Neighbor Dispute in Fresno Gated Community | Fresno Residents vs Clovis Rich People | Fresno Police vs Clovis Police

Host Jason Matthews speaks with co-host Sergeant Maynard Dixon about a dispute he is having with his neighbor down by the Stoney Brook Apartment Complex. Sergeant Dixon says a neighbor who lives across the street keeps telling him something in Spanish that he can't understand. Sergeant Dixon's other neighbor, Roy Rubenstein, translated what the other neighbor said to English. When Sergeant Dixon finds out what the translation is, he gets angry and wants to confront the neighbor.

Matthews then goes live on location at the corner of Shaw and Willow with co-host JT. Sergeant Dixon sent J.T. down to the Fresno - Clovis city limits boundary to test a theory. The theory is if people from Clovis are rich, stuck up people. JT is going to walk from Fresno to Clovis, eastbound into Clovis to test the theory. Sergeant Dixon want to get a live reaction from JT to see if he is treated any differently upon crossing into Clovis. Sergeant Dixon says he had a bad experience crossing into Clov…

S1E2: Man Kicked Out of Fresno Cooling Center | Discrimination in Fresno | Live Report from Clovis

Rossi Ricco calls into the show and talks with Jason Matthews about how he was discriminated against by the librarian at a Fresno Cooling Center. He says he was offended because of the magazine he chose to read. He also talks about how cold it was in the center and turning down the air conditioning without permission.

J.T. calls into the show live after attempting to ride the Fresno Area Express bus down to the Clovis area. Sergeant Dixon sent him down to the area to test a theory about how he would be treated differently if he walked into Clovis from Fresno.

Sergeant Dixon then talks about the new dog he rescued from the SPCA and how loving she is.

Jason Matthews has a poll asking "Have you ever been to a Fresno Cooling Center?" posted on

Matthews then tells the listeners how they can get involved in the show and mentions a current and upcoming contests at

Link to article about Fresno Cooling Centers:

S1E1: Fresno Underground Gardens | Shopping Fight in Fresno | Costco Fresno Sales Tactics

In this episode, Host Jason Matthews talks with co-hosts about their backstories.

Sergeant Dixon talks about moving from Georgia to retire in Fresno and his daily routine. Dixon talks about his history as a Correctional and Law Enforcement Officer. He talks Fresno Fairgrounds, Starbucks, Corina's Taqueria, Stoney Brook Apartments, Fresno Forestiere Underground Gardens, and dealing with the Direct TV sales guy in Costco.

J.T. talks going to Tioga Middle School in the fall school year and a possible transfer to Alta Sierra Middle School. He says hello on the show to his school friends and school teachers from Centennial Elementary School in Fresno. J.T. jumps in to comment on Walmart in Fresno and Underground Gardens.

The entire panel then goes to a news story in North Fresno about two middle aged ladies almost going to blows in a local Fresno shopping area parking lot.

Jason Matthews has a poll asking "What is your favorite place to go in Fresno?".

Matthew then tells the…