S1E2: Man Kicked Out of Fresno Cooling Center | Discrimination in Fresno | Live Report from Clovis

Rossi Ricco calls into the show and talks with Jason Matthews about how he was discriminated against by the librarian at a Fresno Cooling Center. He says he was offended because of the magazine he chose to read. He also talks about how cold it was in the center and turning down the air conditioning without permission.

Fresno Cooling Center
Fresno Cooling Center

J.T. calls into the show live after attempting to ride the Fresno Area Express bus down to the Clovis area. Sergeant Dixon sent him down to the area to test a theory about how he would be treated differently if he walked into Clovis from Fresno.

Sergeant Dixon then talks about the new dog he rescued from the SPCA and how loving she is.

Jason Matthews has a poll asking "Have you ever been to a Fresno Cooling Center?" posted on foreverfresno.com.

Matthews then tells the listeners how they can get involved in the show and mentions a current and upcoming contests at https://www.patreon.com/foreverfresnoshow.

Link to article about Fresno Cooling Centers:

Fresno SPCA adopted dog
Sergeant Dixon's Adopted Dog from the SPCA "Kisses"

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Have You Ever Heard of or Been to a Fresno Cooling Center?

I've heard of it but never been to one.
I've heard of it and been to one.
Cooling Center?!...What is that???
I've been to one and thought it was too cold like Rossi Rico.
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