S1E5: Fresno Restaurants Reviews | Upcoming Fresno Nightcrawler Episode | Porch Pirates in Fresno

Sergeant Maynard Dixon and J.T. take over the show. They go over Google Reviews live from Corina's Taqueria in Fresno. Sergeant Dixon and J.T. switch off reading and reacting to reviews as written by patrons of Corina's Taqueria. Sergeant Dixon reacts to some negative reviews and correcting those that wrote them. Jason Matthews reviews of the businesses talked about on the show are HERE.

Fresno restaurants
Corina's Taqueria in Fresno 

J.T. is going to Tioga Middle School in Fresno in the fall and gives an update on using his aunt's address to try and get into Alta Sierra in Clovis. Sergeant Dixon speculates on what the kids going to Alta Sierra might be wearing to school. J.T. relays a story of a birthday party he went to in Clovis and how the present he gave as a gift wasn't good enough.

J.T. reads an article about Porch Pirates in Fresno. Sergeant Dixon watches a YouTube video from Fresno of these Porch Pirates and speculates where they came from. The Porch Pirate article is HERE.

                                                        Fresno Porch Pirate Video

J.T. tells Sergeant Dixon about an upcoming episode about the Fresno Nightcrawler Host Jason Matthews is working on. He says Jason is working on getting an exclusive interview with Jose who recorded the original video of the Fresno Nightcrawler. Sergeant Dixon tells a story about his encounter with a disembodied creature in his yard in Fresno.

                                                                 Fresno Nightcrawler Video

J.T.  tells listeners how they can get involved in the show. Sergeant Dixon offers to mention listeners and love ones on the Forever Fresno Show at https://www.patreon.com/foreverfresnoshow

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