S1E3: Neighbor Dispute in Fresno Gated Community | Fresno Residents vs Clovis Rich People | Fresno Police vs Clovis Police

Host Jason Matthews speaks with co-host Sergeant Maynard Dixon about a dispute he is having with his neighbor down by the Stoney Brook Apartment Complex. Sergeant Dixon says a neighbor who lives across the street keeps telling him something in Spanish that he can't understand. Sergeant Dixon's other neighbor, Roy Rubenstein, translated what the other neighbor said to English. When Sergeant Dixon finds out what the translation is, he gets angry and wants to confront the neighbor.

Fresno Stony Brook Apartments
Fresno Stoney Brook Apartments

Matthews then goes live on location at the corner of Shaw and Willow with co-host JT. Sergeant Dixon sent J.T. down to the Fresno - Clovis city limits boundary to test a theory. The theory is if people from Clovis are rich, stuck up people. JT is going to walk from Fresno to Clovis, eastbound into Clovis to test the theory. Sergeant Dixon want to get a live reaction from JT to see if he is treated any differently upon crossing into Clovis. Sergeant Dixon says he had a bad experience crossing into Clovis, from Fresno, in the past and shares the story. While in the area, JT overhears a conversation between Fresno Police and Clovis Police.

Fresno - Clovis City Limits | Shaw and Willow

Matthews tells listeners how they can get involved in the show and mentions a current and upcoming contests at https://www.patreon.com/foreverfresnoshow

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