S1E4: Fresno Backwards Messages Audio | Scary Voices Talking Selland Arena Ghosts | Fresno Secrets

Host Jason Matthews talks with co-hosts Sergeant Dixon and J.T. in a backwards secret message audio about Fresno concerts and Selland Arena. Supposedly there is a ghost of Selland Arena that haunts the area similar to the Fresno Nightcrawler.

Fresno nightcrawlers
Selland Arena Ghost of Past Concerts and Events from the 1980's

Host Jason Matthews talks about the Easter Egg (Hidden Meanings) Audio from each episode that explains all the hidden messages over at https://www.patreon.com/foreverfresnoshow. Every episode of the Forever Fresno Show has hidden messages even if the audio is played forwards. If you get the Easter Egg Audio package, you will understand why certain things are said on the show if you can't figure them out on your own. This special audio talks about Fresno history, growing up in Fresno, how the show was created around the hidden meanings and much more. The audio also gives you more insight into Sergeant Maynard Dixon and his wife Dorthea. JT also talks about going to school in Fresno.

Deceased WWF Wrestler from 1980's in Selland Arena from Georgia Corrections
(Co-Host Sergeant Dixon's Friend?)

Sergeant Dixon talks about past wrestling events in Selland Arena and some exclusive background on one of his old friends in wrestling from Georgia Corrections. Jason Matthews talks about some of the bands that shaped Fresno history in the Selland Arena building. JT talks about his favorite music groups right now growing up in Fresno.

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