S1E6: Forever Fresno Show Hosts Interviewed on Central Valley Talk in Fresno CA | Jason Matthews, Sergeant Maynard Dixon and J.T. Give Exclusive Interviews

Host Jason Matthews, Sergeant Maynard Dixon and J.T. are interviewed on Central Valley Talk TV from Fresno in the Music and Comedy segment. Batlord Carcas, the host of the Music and Comedy segment Central Valley TV, conducts the interview. He normally does the Music segments but does the comedy segment on this show.

Jason Matthews is able to control Sergeant Dixon from getting out of control and inappropriate during the interview. However, Jason has to reel J.T. back in a couple of times and get him back on track because he is nervous being this is his first appearance outside of the Forever Fresno Show.

Interview of Forever Fresno Show Hosts in Fresno ca
Batlord Carcas Interviews Jason Matthews, Sergeant Maynard Dixon, and J.T. from the Forever Fresno Show

Sergeant Dixon talks about moving to Fresno, Ca from Brunswick, Ga. and the area of Fresno he decided to live in. He talks the differences between Brunswick, Georgia and Fresno, California.

J.T. talks about the Fresno Island Water Park and cute girls. J.T. mentions Justin Bieber when asked about growing up in Fresno. He also talks about the stuck up rich kids from Clovis.

Host Jason Matthews describes the Forever Fresno Show and what its about.

Fresno Bulldog Gang from Fresno Ca
Forever Fresno Show Logo

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