S1E8: Fresno Bee: We Are Not the Enemy, We Are Like You | Caller Spies on Fresno Bee Building?!

In this episode of the Forever Fresno Podcast, Jason Matthews, Rossi Ricco and Sergeant Maynard Dixon give commentary on a controversial article the Fresno Bee published recent. The editorial article has received negative publicity on social media channels.

Fresno Bee Downtown Fresno
Fresno Bee Headquarters?

Jason Matthews speaks with Rossi Ricco concerning the Fresno Bee article via telephone from downtown Fresno. Ricco arrived early at Fresno Bee Headquarters to watch alleged employees as they enter and exit the building.

Jason Matthews attempts to stay objective in the situation. Sergeant Dixon tries to get Jason Matthews to commit to a position on the subject. The theory is employees at the Fresno Bee are liberal, weirdo, hippy, San Francisco types.

Ricco seemingly attempts to confirm the exact opposite of what the writer of the article is alleging; employees of the Fresno Bee newspaper are normal, everyday people. The Fresno Bee article claims the staff  "consists of real people who live, work, purchase, eat, socialize, pray, recreate and ultimately die right here in the Valley".

The link the the Fresno Bee article is HERE

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