S1E7: Fresno Nightcrawlers | Exclusive Interview of Original Photographer Jose | Footage Secrets Revealed, Confirmed | Fresno Bulldog Gang | Yosemite Nightcrawler

In this episode Host Jason Matthews is granted an exclusive interview of Jose, the alleged original photographer of the Fresno Nightcrawler footage.

Fresno Nightcrawler debunked
Jose, the Alleged Photographer of the Fresno Nightcrawlers Footage

Jason Matthews enlists Sergeant Dixon to relay translations from his neighbor, Roy Rubenstein, from Spanish to English. Jose does not feel comfortable talking in English about the Fresno alien but he does understand English. Roy Rubenstein told Sergeant Dixon he is fluent in Spanish and can translate for Jose but Roy does not want to directly come on the Forever Fresno podcast. Therefore, the only option is to have Jose answer Jason Matthews questions and have Sergeant Dixon ask Roy Rubenstein for the translation off mic.

Jose talks about the Fresno Nightcrawler Native American history and how he was visited by a local tribe concerning the matter after his sighting of the Fresno creature. Jose gives very specific information on the Fresno Nightcrawler stick figure alien. He provides exact dates and times as well as the camera model used for this caught on tape video.

Nightcrawler Monster
Nightcrawler Monster

According to Jose, the Nightcrawler legend is explained by the visit he had from the the man who stated he was from a local Native American tribe. He also explains how his dogs were barking at the Nightcrawler paranormal creature. He also explains how the Fresno Bulldog gang was involved in the situation. The visit by the alleged tribesman produces further information for Jose about the stick figure alien and it's connection to Yosemite.

Host Jason Matthews asks about the sequence of events that happened that night at the house and gets never before heard information. He gets very detailed information about everything caught on tape.

Yosemite Nightcrawler
Yosemite Nightcrawler

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