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S1E10: 10 Things To Know and Love About Fresno, Ca | Commentary from Sergeant Maynard Dixon and JT | Wine Making, Fresno Crime, and more | Season Finale

In this episode of the Forever Fresno Podcast, JT, Sergeant Maynard Dixon and Host Jason Matthews focus on a article entitled 10 Things To Know and Love About Fresno. 
The following are discussion items in the show:
1. If you are thinking of moving to Fresno and like what you see, odds are greater you will land in Clovis next door.
2. Fresno politics are complicated by water (more specifically by the lack of sufficient supplies to completely irrigate the fertile soil surrounding the city.)
3. Keeping with politics: Although Fresno County is one of the most conservative places in California, it has more registered Democrats than Republicans.
4. Are tacos your favorite food?

5. As everyone who parachutes in and writes about Fresno observes, it’s just a few hours away from the beach, the mountains, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 
6. Interested in wine-making as a career? 

7. From the end of February to the middle of March, the Blossom Trail erupts in colors that will simultaneously exci…