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Lost Ruins of Ancient Fresno Civilization Found in Woodward Park - Grand Opening

This is a clip of the grand opening of the recently discovered lost Fresno civilization in Woodward Park. As you can see a lot of people turned out for the opening and were not disappointed.

The ruins took over a year to be dug out. Reportedly a dog walker stumbled upon them in the northeast corner of the park. They were completely unknown until now. This is an amazing discover and seems to have connections to similar structures found in other parts of the world.

Fresno has a lot of history to be proud of. Allegedly, the Fresno Chamber of Commerce is very excited and is planning mass advertising of the ruins to draw new visitors to the city. Everyone was shocked upon learning of the discover in late 2016. It has been kept a secret from the public until now to prevent vandalism of the site. However, now that the site is open, security is at a high level.

A visitor at the Fresno Underground Gardens reportedly saw a staff member sigh upon hearing the news, throw up their hands, and run into…