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Culture Stroke YouTube Channel Trailer

Uh, hi and everything. This is J.T...So like, this is the new YouTube channel trailer thingy for our channel and stuff. 

But like sorry because I thought I hit the stop button at the end of the video but I guess I didn't. But like, I don't know how to go back and edit it so, sorry dudes. 

But I hope all you peoples like Culture Stroke. 

My mom said it's really cool that I can be on a show like this and I told her I would not disappoint her or nothing. 

Anyways...See all you guys on the channel and everything. And please SUBSCRIBE to the channel so you can watch all our stuff and know when it all comes out.

The Jacksons Torture 1984 Reaction Commentary by Generation Z Teenagers

Instructions to watch original The Jacksons Torture
music video and hear commentary below:

Start playing first video and let it run for 18 seconds (you can see the
seconds count off by holding your cursor over the video). Then immediately
press play on the second video. Then press the mute button on the second
video (hold cursor over second video at the bottom and click the sound icon
to mute the sound at the bottom). Also unmute the first video if it is muted.
Enjoy. In future videos, everything will be lined up perfectly. This is a
first demo, test video.

In this episode J.T. and Jeffrey react to and provide commentary on the Jacksons music video Torture from 1984.

Jeffrey wonders where the video is taking place and which of the
brothers is Michael Jackson. He determines it is definitely not the person
in the "Cruise Director's Hat" because he is probably the Captain of the ship. J.T. and Jeffrey both agree at least the have entertainment on the ship like
dancing and singing.…