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Spiral Dynamics Stage Green Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Cooper Johnson comes on to talk about the United States - Mexico border wall controversy.

Cooper Johnson says the election of President Trump was an illegal election while citing MSNBC as a media source. He declares his love for Rachel Maddow and highly praises her.

Johnson says President Trump is evil and agrees with Nancy Pelosi that the wall is immoral. He said the idea came to him while doing the yoga down dog pose. He praised Nancy Pelosi for vacationing in Hawaii and leaving Trump in Washington D.C.

Johnson comments he wants to make it down to the border soon so he can greet everyone with a big hug as they come into the United States illegally. He says "we are all friends here".

Johnson is happy Starbucks now has organic soy milk in their latte and wants to deliver a latte to each illegal immigrant as they enter the country.

Finally, Johnson speaks about the naked parade he is going to in San Francisco to protest evil President Donal…

Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Sergeant Maynard Dixon comes on and talks about his support for President Donald Trump and building the Wall on the U.S./Mexico Border.

Maynard Dixon criticizes Nancy Pelosi and Chuck "Shoemaker" Schumer. He criticizes Nancy Pelosi for vacationing in the country of Hawaii instead of being in Washington D.C. trying to resolve the matter. He also wonders where Chuck "Shoemaker" is. "Making Shoes"?

Dixon wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and references Psalms which allegedly says if you don't believe in Christmas then you are going straight to hell.

Dixon gives multiple Fox News references and shows. He makes several claims about how illegal aliens are stealing United States citizens jobs as heard on Fox News.

Dixon encourages President Trump to stand firm and pray to Jesus in the White House for a resolution. He also calls for Trump to "Lock her Up!" in reference to Hilary Clinton.

Finally, Dixon references …

Fail Army Funny Videos Desert Fails Reaction and Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Sergeant Maynard Dixon joins channel Host Jason Matthews to comment and react to funny Fail Army videos.

Maynard Dixon still cannot figure out how to pronounce the word Millennials and starts providing commentary before the video even starts.

We first see a photo of a young man wearing Santa Claus shorts. Maynard Dixon theorizes the young man must have just received the boxing gloves from Santa for Christmas. He also contemplates why he is standing on a 1980's passenger car.

Upon watching multiple Fail Army Desert Fails videos, Maynard Dixon concludes all the videos were filmed in Africa, specifically in the Sahara Desert. Jason Matthews is not convinced and says if it is in Africa, they are tourists in Africa.

Sergeant Maynard Dixon continues to criticizes teenagers and Millennials for being dumb. He watches people jumping into cacti and flipping motor bikes.

Jason Matthews has a hard time getting a word in as commentary as he keeps having to c…

Fail Army Reaction and Commentary | Flying Dog | Crossfit Fails | Balls Crushed

Hello, this is Jason Matthews, the Host of the Culture Stroke YouTube Channel and this website.

I want to apologize for the lack of professionalism J.T. and Jeffrey showed in the commentary of this video. I told them to react and comment on the Fail Army video but their lack of planning shows up quite easily upon watching the video. Unfortunately, I owe J.T.'s mom some money and promised her I would allow him and Jeffrey to do the video. Due to the significant amount of money I owe his mother, they will continue to do videos on the channel.

However, I do have creative control of the videos and will insist they improve when doing commentary on any Fail Army or other videos. I will not put up with name calling or bullying and I have conveyed that to them.

I want to apologize to anyone doing Crossfit. I know Crossfit was mentioned several times in the video. However, these are not my opinions.

Jeffrey is free to talk about J.T.'s mom in the videos if she does not have a problem …