Fail Army Funny Videos Desert Fails Reaction and Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Sergeant Maynard Dixon joins channel Host Jason Matthews to comment and react to funny Fail Army videos.

Maynard Dixon still cannot figure out how to pronounce the word Millennials and starts providing commentary before the video even starts.

Fail Army camel
Fail Army Camel Fail

We first see a photo of a young man wearing Santa Claus shorts. Maynard Dixon theorizes the young man must have just received the boxing gloves from Santa for Christmas. He also contemplates why he is standing on a 1980's passenger car.

Upon watching multiple Fail Army Desert Fails videos, Maynard Dixon concludes all the videos were filmed in Africa, specifically in the Sahara Desert. Jason Matthews is not convinced and says if it is in Africa, they are tourists in Africa.

Fail Army Bicycle Fail
Fail Army Bike Fail

Sergeant Maynard Dixon continues to criticizes teenagers and Millennials for being dumb. He watches people jumping into cacti and flipping motor bikes.

Jason Matthews has a hard time getting a word in as commentary as he keeps having to correct Maynard Dixon concerning his Africa assumptions.