Fail Army Reaction and Commentary | Flying Dog | Crossfit Fails | Balls Crushed

Hello, this is Jason Matthews, the Host of the Culture Stroke YouTube Channel and this website.

I want to apologize for the lack of professionalism J.T. and Jeffrey showed in the commentary of this video. I told them to react and comment on the Fail Army video but their lack of planning shows up quite easily upon watching the video. Unfortunately, I owe J.T.'s mom some money and promised her I would allow him and Jeffrey to do the video. Due to the significant amount of money I owe his mother, they will continue to do videos on the channel.

Fail Army
Crossfit Fail on FailArmy

However, I do have creative control of the videos and will insist they improve when doing commentary on any Fail Army or other videos. I will not put up with name calling or bullying and I have conveyed that to them.

I want to apologize to anyone doing Crossfit. I know Crossfit was mentioned several times in the video. However, these are not my opinions.

Fail Army kid hit with ball
Kid Gets Hit in the Eye with a Ball

Jeffrey is free to talk about J.T.'s mom in the videos if she does not have a problem with it and I did get confirmation she does not have an issue with it. She actually was proud she was mentioned in the video. I will have to check with his grandmother for further confirmation.

Jeffrey has a nervous laugh which I find annoying and I will attempt to coach him on how to properly use his voice in an appropriate manner.

virtual reality FailArmy
Virtual Reality FailArmy Fail

I really want these teenagers to succeed and will be working with them to improve their delivery.

Thank you for your attention.