Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Sergeant Maynard Dixon comes on and talks about his support for President Donald Trump and building the Wall on the U.S./Mexico Border.

Maynard Dixon criticizes Nancy Pelosi and Chuck "Shoemaker" Schumer. He criticizes Nancy Pelosi for vacationing in the country of Hawaii instead of being in Washington D.C. trying to resolve the matter. He also wonders where Chuck "Shoemaker" is. "Making Shoes"?

US Mexico Border Wall
Example Border Wall

Dixon wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and references Psalms which allegedly says if you don't believe in Christmas then you are going straight to hell.

Dixon gives multiple Fox News references and shows. He makes several claims about how illegal aliens are stealing United States citizens jobs as heard on Fox News.

Make America Great Again

Dixon encourages President Trump to stand firm and pray to Jesus in the White House for a resolution. He also calls for Trump to "Lock her Up!" in reference to Hilary Clinton.

America First
America First

Finally, Dixon references the Caravan on the border and says they are full of MS-13 gang members throwing gang signs. He states the Caravan wants to get into the United States to steal all the good jobs, get on welfare, and sit home watching TV.