Spiral Dynamics Stage Green Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Cooper Johnson comes on to talk about the United States - Mexico border wall controversy.

Cooper Johnson says the election of President Trump was an illegal election while citing MSNBC as a media source. He declares his love for Rachel Maddow and highly praises her.

evil Donald Trump
Evil Donald Trump

Johnson says President Trump is evil and agrees with Nancy Pelosi that the wall is immoral. He said the idea came to him while doing the yoga down dog pose. He praised Nancy Pelosi for vacationing in Hawaii and leaving Trump in Washington D.C.

Johnson comments he wants to make it down to the border soon so he can greet everyone with a big hug as they come into the United States illegally. He says "we are all friends here".

san francisco protest
San Francisco Protest

Johnson is happy Starbucks now has organic soy milk in their latte and wants to deliver a latte to each illegal immigrant as they enter the country.

starbucks organic
Starbucks Latte with Organic Soy Milk

Finally, Johnson speaks about the naked parade he is going to in San Francisco to protest evil President Donald Trump.