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Neon Indian - Annie Music Video Reaction and Commentary by Teenagers

In this episode of Culture Stroke, JT and Jeffrey react to, and comment on, the music video Annie by Neon Indian.

Jeffrey wonders what the guy was doing with the girl in the house because he is all bound up and gagged. JT says that is adult stuff.  Jeffrey also wonders why they are in Seoul, Korea. JT sees a Ronald McDonald praying.

Jeffrey wonders why Host Jason Matthews sends them on to comment on 80's music videos all the time and says Jason Matthews is weird.

Jeffrey sees a skeleton playing drums. JT wonders what the phone on the wall is and how to use it. Jeffrey and JT wonder why the guy keeps talking about an answering machine. They speculate it is a machine from a long time ago to leave a message on.

JT says the guy is choking himself because he can't figure out the answering machine and how to use it. He then sees him getting made and "getting his ass kicked" by some other guys.

Jeffrey tells Annie to just pick up her iPhone and call the guy. JT says maybe …

Bryan Duncan Strong Medicine Dedication and Memories 1989 - Sequoyah Community Church Oakland CA

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews releases a dedication video about his experiences in Oakland, California from 1988-1990.

Jason Matthews talks about his struggles and joys when Bryan Duncan's Strong Medicine came out.

Watch the video for a more complete description.

Jason wants to thank Scott A. for all the memories.

Lyrics below:

By your bedside I cried as I wondered
Is there really any hope?
For the suffering, the pain
The condition is the same
It's out of my control
But I'll be here
Hoping for you
I care enough to stay
Faithful everyday
Bold enough to say, "Don't be afraid!"
'Cause I believe a price was paid
And there is a medicine
(There is a medicine)
A "priceless for the worthless" trade
Trade for the medicine
Nothing is stronger, no greater the need
The only way to take this sickness away
(Take this sickness away)
'Cause I can't take it away
And I'm forced here to stare on the outside
Where nothin' e…

Foster the People - Best Friend Commentary and Lyrics Video

In these episodes Host Jason Matthews created a series of videos for the song Best Friend by Foster the People.

One of the videos was created as a lyric video for the Foster the People, Best Friend song. The lyric video looks unique to other lyric videos out there.

In another video, Jason Matthews gives commentary over the song and talks about how musically complex the song is. He discusses the bass and funky guitar parts. He also talks about how the song builds over time. He says the lyrics are obscure but lyrics that make no sense, sometimes make complete sense.

In the next video Sergeant Maynard Dixon talks reacts to the Foster the People song. He says the lyrics make no sense and tries to talk out a meaning. He says the friend is homeless and lives in a salty, dry river bed. He also says his friend is a good friend because he helped him when he was hung over from a bar fight. He says he brought him soup and took care of him. Dixon says anyone could write lyrics for a song like th…

Spiral Dynamics Stage Teal Border Wall Commentary

In this episode, Host Jason Matthews "invites" Hal from the Andromeda galaxy to come on and give the solution he has for the US, Mexico border wall controversy.

Hal says he is from the Booteans race and they have been watching the human race for quite some time. He says they seeded the human race millions of years ago and they are not happy with the recent turn of events.

Hal says he conferred with Yoda and the Jedi High Council on how to deal with this issue. He also says the human race is an embarrassment to the tune of the Klingon's. Additionally, he says they have been complying with the Prime Directive of non interference until now.

Hal says he has obtained the services of Darth Vader to employ the Death Star. He will direct Darth Vader to power up the Death Star on February 1st, 2019 at 3pm PST and direct a high power beam to Earth. The beam will create a chasm on the border between the US and Mexico, along the border which will be impenetrable.

Hal further states…

Spiral Dynamics Stage Coral Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Wall-E, a half human, half cyborg is invited onto the show by Host Jason Matthews.

Wall-E says he was developed with technology obtained from the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. It says Dr. Jensen developed him and his cohorts in Area 51 where they have been living for the last 40 years. It says they disposed of Dr. Jensen because they have no need for him any longer.

Wall-E states they have been in contact with President Trump and they will be taking over the border wall dilemma. They claim to have a solution. It says after watching Star Trek and the Terminator series, they plan to take a road trip down to the US, Mexico border like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in Terminator.

Once down at the border they plan to line up, robotic arm, to robotic arm and great migrants from Mexico with food and water. Once they gain their trust and shake hands they will reprogram the migrants with the mind of a typical 25 year old American female.

They will then send t…

Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse of the Heart 1983 Reaction and Commentary by Generation Z Teenagers

Instructions to watch original music video and hear commentary:

Start playing both videos and then mute the original music video.

In this episode of Culture Stroke, J.T. and Jeffrey comment and react to the Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart Song and Video.

Jeffrey wonders where the video is taking place and speculates it is Cinderella's castle.
J.T. agrees as he sees a dove.

Jeffrey wonders if the video is from Ozzy Osborne becuase it has the moon, a dove, and candles. So he assumes it is Bark at the Moon and is waiting for heavy guitars to start playing.

Both wonder why bright lights are shining through all the windows and why there are dressed up football players inside the house. They also want to know why the kids are being so messy with the food on the table.

Jeffrey and J.T. notice and wonder why lights are coming from the eyes of the kids. J.T. offers they may be aliens.

At the end of the video both notice the lady is a teacher but is left by the students at the end…

Exposé - Seasons Change Commentary and Memories

Original Expose - Seasons Change Music Video Below along with edited Lyric and Memories Video

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews comments on and shares his memories on the song and video Expose - Seasons change from 1988.

Jason Matthew talks about how the song was released in late 1987 but peaked in early 1988. So it has been over 30 years.

Matthews talks about how emotional the song was at the time, and is now because of a relationship he had with a girl at the time. He says the song was popular when he went on a family trip to Hawaii for a week and was away from the girl. Matthews also remembers the song because it was featured on the airplane at the time. He recalls in the 1980's how customers were able to plug headphones into the side arm rest and listen to popular songs at the time. That is why the song took so much meaning.

Matthews speaks about the popularity of Expose as a dance group and this was a rare, popular ballad by the group. He also mentions th…

Spiral Dynamics Stage Yellow Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews gives his take on the US - Mexico Border Wall dilemma.

Jason Matthews says we cannot look at this issue with a black and white solution. He gives his take from a Spiral Dynamics Stage Yellow perceptive.

Matthews says the border wall will not work for a variety of reasons including corrupt Border Patrol Agents, tunneling under the wall, and the money behind the cartels. He also acknowledges we cannot let everyone in or continue on the course we are on.

Matthews throws out the idea of talking directly to the migrants and asking them what their exact motivation is for coming to the United States. Once he has that information, a course of action could be formalized. However, he says it make take a multi stage approach.

Matthews says the only way a solution will work is if we tackle the issue from many angles and with accurate information.

Spiral Dynamics Stage Turquoise Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, DogGuru talks about his solution to the US - Mexico border wall dilemma.

DogGuru, formerly known as Willie Nelson, and other people in past lives, starts with a mediation and breathing practice.

DogGuru does not give a direct solution to the issue but recommends a lot of meditation and contemplation. He asks listeners to mentally transport themselves to downtown San Diego, California to start construction of the wall. He tells listeners he looks like an old Jesus so they can recognize him when they get there.

DogGuru then says they will begin construction of the wall, brick by brick from San Diego to the Rio Grande in Texas. He says it will likely take about 40 years to complete construction.

DogGuru says when they get to Texas he will be very old but for everyone to record his words now with their iPhones so they can remember. He says once they get there they will do some meditation and yoga then start the process of deconstruction of the wall. How…

Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Rossi Ricco comes on and has a very detailed solution to the border wall controversy.

Rossi Ricco says President Donald Trump's math on the cost of a wall is off. He says we are going to need a lot more money than that to build the wall. He also says Trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall.

Ricco says he has a better solution and he has done extensive research into the matter. He stated we can make Mexico pay for the wall. According to Ricco, the solution is to invade Mexico, specifically, Michoacan because most of the needed materials for the wall are there. However, we would only strategically invade that area.

Ricco then gives details on how the construction of the wall will work. He gives details about making illegal aliens pay their crimes through work labor. However, he said we would have to encroach 5 feet into Mexico to build the wall to avoid United States labor laws.

Ricco gives further details including a path to citizenship fo…