Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Rossi Ricco comes on and has a very detailed solution to the border wall controversy.

Rossi Ricco says President Donald Trump's math on the cost of a wall is off. He says we are going to need a lot more money than that to build the wall. He also says Trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall.

president trump wall money
Ricco Can Save Trump A Lot of Money

Ricco says he has a better solution and he has done extensive research into the matter. He stated we can make Mexico pay for the wall. According to Ricco, the solution is to invade Mexico, specifically, Michoacan because most of the needed materials for the wall are there. However, we would only strategically invade that area.

Ricco then gives details on how the construction of the wall will work. He gives details about making illegal aliens pay their crimes through work labor. However, he said we would have to encroach 5 feet into Mexico to build the wall to avoid United States labor laws.

border wall construction tent
Example Tent Mock Up to Be Used During Border Wall Construction

Ricco gives further details including a path to citizenship for those we stay the entire time to complete construction of the wall. He also would put those building the wall under armed guard. However, family visits would be allowed. A bouncy house and toys would be provided for the children but they would also have to participate in building the wall.

Ricco stated entertainment would be provided during construction including music by Selena, Tigres del Norte, and Shakira agreed to do a one night concert on site.

border patrol
Border Patrol Agent Setting Out Border Wall Construction Flags
Ricco assures President Trump the plan will work and save the country billions of dollars. He asks Trump to contact him at (210) 867-5309 and ask for Jenny his secretary to set up a scoping meeting.