Spiral Dynamics Stage Turquoise Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, DogGuru talks about his solution to the US - Mexico border wall dilemma.

DogGuru, formerly known as Willie Nelson, and other people in past lives, starts with a mediation and breathing practice.

border wall
Border Wall Construction - Stone By Stone

DogGuru does not give a direct solution to the issue but recommends a lot of meditation and contemplation. He asks listeners to mentally transport themselves to downtown San Diego, California to start construction of the wall. He tells listeners he looks like an old Jesus so they can recognize him when they get there.

DogGuru then says they will begin construction of the wall, brick by brick from San Diego to the Rio Grande in Texas. He says it will likely take about 40 years to complete construction.

group meditation san diego
Group Meditation Before Border Wall Construction in San Diego

DogGuru says when they get to Texas he will be very old but for everyone to record his words now with their iPhones so they can remember. He says once they get there they will do some meditation and yoga then start the process of deconstruction of the wall. However, he warns everyone that the older people and himself may not be alive when they get back to San Diego but he wants them to meditate again when they get there on what they have done.

meditation on border wall
DogGuru Meditates Before Beginning Border Wall Construction

Although not giving specifics, DogGuru insinuates there will no longer be a need for a wall by that time as the United States will likely be merged by then. It is also assumed that by construction and deconstructing of the wall, it will be like in the movie Karate kid when Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel a less by making him paint his deck. In other words, a subtle and slow lesson is being learned but no one knows what it is.