Spiral Dynamics Stage Yellow Border Wall Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews gives his take on the US - Mexico Border Wall dilemma.

Jason Matthews says we cannot look at this issue with a black and white solution. He gives his take from a Spiral Dynamics Stage Yellow perceptive.

Modern, Everyday Mexican Dress

Matthews says the border wall will not work for a variety of reasons including corrupt Border Patrol Agents, tunneling under the wall, and the money behind the cartels. He also acknowledges we cannot let everyone in or continue on the course we are on.

Gringos Eating Tacos

Matthews throws out the idea of talking directly to the migrants and asking them what their exact motivation is for coming to the United States. Once he has that information, a course of action could be formalized. However, he says it make take a multi stage approach.

border wall solutions
Talking About Border Wall Solutions

Matthews says the only way a solution will work is if we tackle the issue from many angles and with accurate information.