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Fail Army Funny Videos | Shattered Expectations | Live Reaction and Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Sergeant Maynard Dixon joins Host Jason Matthews to comment on funny Fail Army videos.

Maynard Dixon wonders if there is a UFO aircraft in the video and mistakes it for a raft. He also criticizes "dumb teenagers" and Millennials for doing "stupid stuff". Jason Matthews agrees if he would have engaged in such actions his parents would not be happy.

Dixon sees a man dancing in traffic and another man in a tree. He blames the current opiod crisis for their actions. He then wonders if the teenagers riding the bikes around watch the Failarmy videos. Jason says they probably did not get the memo.

Jason Matthews sees a man exercises and supposedly identifies it as Crossfit. Dixon agrees and says that is the program where people get hurt.

Everything Wrong with The Walking Dead Bounty Season 9 Episode 11 S09E11 TWD

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews gives his opinion on everything wrong with The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 11, Bounty.

Jason Matthews talks about how this episode is divided into two stories. The first is the conflict between the Whisperers and Hilltop. Alpha is leading the Whisperers and Daryl is leading Hilltop. The second is a backstory of the Kingdom. Members of the Kingdom enter a movie theater to retrieve a bulb for a film projector.

Jason Matthews first talks about the Kingdom going into the movie theater and talks about how ridiculous it is for them to rescue their lives to retrieve a bulb for the upcoming fair. He talks about how easy it would be for one of them to die for such a petty items.

In the second half of the episode Jason Matthews breaks down everything wrong with the Whisperer and Hilltop conflict. He goes into detail on Daryl unnecessarily going face to face with Alpha. He also discusses the situation with the baby being left for dead by…

D-Generation X | NWO New World Order | 1997-1998 Dedication | Entrance Theme and Song WWF WWE

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews releases a dedication video about his experiences with Bryan T. from 1997-1999 while assigned to Fort Huachuca, Arizona in the U.S. Army.

Jason Matthews talks about his amazing experience in 1997-1999 as a friend of Bryan T.

Watch the video for a more complete description.

Jason wants to thank Bryan T. for all the memories.

Are you ready?You think you can tell us what to do?
You think you can tell us what to wear?
You think that you're better?
Well, you'd better get ready
Bow to the masters


Degenerate into something, fool
We just got tired of doin' what ya told us to do
That's the breaks boy
That's the breaks, little man
Break it down


You think you can tell me what to do?You know who you're talkin' to?
Well, you'd better get used to the way the ball bounces
I've seen what you got, it measures in ounces
But that's the breaks…

Response to Dark Warrior WWE Toys R Us Open Challenge Champion Match Promo

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Sergeant Maynard Dixon responds to the open challenge from Dark Warrior for his WWE Toys R Us Going out of Business plastic Championship.

Sergeant Dixon describes exactly how he is going to win the championship from Dark Warrior and all the wrestling moves he is going to use including the Tombstone Pile Driver, multiple punches, the Running Bulldog, and a headlock.

Dixon says his mama is tired of him not taking out the trash, making his bed and doing chores. So he is going to take action for Dark Warrior's mama. He says she is going to be cheering and clapping while he pushes his head into the toilet and washes his profane mouth out with soap in the bathtub.

In the end, Dixon says he is going to get the three count and declare himself WWE Toys R Us Going out of Business plastic Champion when he grabs it off of Dark Warrior's unmade bed.

Kajagoogoo Too Shy Reaction and Commentary by Teenagers

Instructions to watch original music video and hear commentary:

Start playing both videos and then mute the original music video.

In this episode of Culture Stroke, JT and Jeffrey come on, at the request of Host Jason Matthews, to react to, and comment on, the music video from Kajagoogoo, Too Shy.

Jeffrey asks "what is up" with the guys hair. JT has no answer but says the girl in the video is pretty. Jeffrey says the girl is probably as old as his Grandma at this point.

Jeffrey says the group are losers and the lead singer is "Too Shy" to approach the girl like JT is "Too Shy" to approach Jenny at school. JT denies he is "Too Shy" to talk to Jenny. Jeffrey says JT is "Too Shy, Shy so hush, hush, aye you aye...".

Jeffrey asks why military members are in the video and wonders why they don't just go kick the singer's ass. JT says it would be embarrassing at Christmas when the singer shows his grand kids this video.

At the end Jeff…

Locash I Know Somebody Commentary and Memories Lo cash

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews provides commentary on the music video I Know Somebody by Locash.

Jason Matthews says this is one of his favorite songs and music videos. It reminds him of growing up in the 1980's going to Roller Rinks. He says this could be anywhere in the United States. He also says he went to Roller Rinks from the age of around 8 to 14 years old.

Jason Matthews says the song is emotional and well put together. He describes the eye contact of a pretty girl and a guy that wants to talk to her but he is afraid. He says this was common at that age.

Matthews says Country Music took the place of Rock because Rock Music is not that good anymore like it was a long time ago. He also remembers when they turn the lights down in the Roller Rink.

Matthews ends describing the chills he gets when watching the video, when the girl and guy meet eye to eye, as well as when Lo Cash end the video standing there.

LoCash Lyrics:
"I Know Somebody"


Annie Neon Indian Music Video with Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews gives commentary over Neon Indian's Annie Music Video.

Jason Matthews says he really likes this modern music video because it has a early 1980's vibe. He says it looks like it is filmed in the early 1980's but it has a mid 1990's cellphone. It also appears to show 1993 at the bottom of a heading in the video.

Matthews says the music is great and also has a 1980's vibe. He sees a part of the video which replicates Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. He also doesn't know why a music video such as this is filmed in an Asian country.

Matthews talks about pay phones, cellphones, and answering machines. Specifically, he talks about how answering machines needed a micro-cassette. He also makes a reference to 900 numbers.


Annie, don't run away

Where I can't find you, the game has gone too far

Talking, a lot of talk

Playing telephone, twenty city blocks

Annie, they have the dossier

The investigation&…