Fail Army Funny Videos | Shattered Expectations | Live Reaction and Commentary

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Sergeant Maynard Dixon joins Host Jason Matthews to comment on funny Fail Army videos.

fail army crossfit
Failarmy Crossfit Fail

Maynard Dixon wonders if there is a UFO aircraft in the video and mistakes it for a raft. He also criticizes "dumb teenagers" and Millennials for doing "stupid stuff". Jason Matthews agrees if he would have engaged in such actions his parents would not be happy.

tree failarmy
Fail Army Man in a Tree

Dixon sees a man dancing in traffic and another man in a tree. He blames the current opiod crisis for their actions. He then wonders if the teenagers riding the bikes around watch the Failarmy videos. Jason says they probably did not get the memo.

Opiod Crises Fail Army
Opiod Crisis Evidence - Man Dance in Traffic

Jason Matthews sees a man exercises and supposedly identifies it as Crossfit. Dixon agrees and says that is the program where people get hurt.