Response to Dark Warrior WWE Toys R Us Open Challenge Champion Match Promo

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Sergeant Maynard Dixon responds to the open challenge from Dark Warrior for his WWE Toys R Us Going out of Business plastic Championship.

Sergeant Dixon describes exactly how he is going to win the championship from Dark Warrior and all the wrestling moves he is going to use including the Tombstone Pile Driver, multiple punches, the Running Bulldog, and a headlock.

Demonstration of Running Bulldog
Demonstration of Running Bulldog Dixon is Going to Put on Dark Warrior

Dixon says his mama is tired of him not taking out the trash, making his bed and doing chores. So he is going to take action for Dark Warrior's mama. He says she is going to be cheering and clapping while he pushes his head into the toilet and washes his profane mouth out with soap in the bathtub.

Tombstone Piledriver for Dark Warrior
Tombstone Piledriver for Dark Warrior

In the end, Dixon says he is going to get the three count and declare himself WWE Toys R Us Going out of Business plastic Champion when he grabs it off of Dark Warrior's unmade bed.