Brickell Men's Products | Anti Aging | Eye Balm | Face Wash Review

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews talks about his experience with the Brickell Men's Grooming product line.


Jason Matthews gives rare, high praise to the product line. He outlines in detail the products from the product line that he uses. He also talks about the sample kit that is available for purchase.

Matthews says it is important to start early with a anti-aging routine. He says you should start in your mid 30's to early 40's otherwise you will be playing catch-up. Matthews says anti-aging was not really on his radar until recently due to good genes but he wishes he would have started earlier.


  1. I am a 57 year old man with normal skin. I have never used skin care products. I guess I have good genes and my skin looks pretty good. I recently order the sample kit from Brickell. I really liked the products and my skin felt very good after using them. I want to purchase and begin using the products. I watched your video. My question is which products would you recommend using considering my age. I would like to take care of my skin and keep it looking as young as possible. Thanks.

    1. Great to hear you like them. It's really hard to nail down exactly what is right for you but I can tell you what I use. In the shower I use Charcoal face wash in the morning. During the day I use Daily Defense Moisturizer with SPF-15. At night I wash my face again with Charcoal face wash then apply Anti-Aging Cream. Once a week I use the Face scrub. That's the best for me that I have found. Hope that helps.


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