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FailArmy Funny Fail Videos Reaction and Commentary | Motorcycle on Fire | Forest Gump Running | Dumb Millennials

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Sergeant Maynard Dixon joins Host Jason Matthews to react to, and comment on, some funny Fail Army videos.

Maynard Dixon says dogs should not be at weddings and when the dog urinated on the bride's dress he said she deserved it. He also learned how to say "Millennials". Dixon also commented on how a guy needs to play a lot of basketball.

Jason Matthews has to keep correcting Dixon as he makes assumptions on the language people are speaking in the Fail Army videos. Dixon says some are Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.

Maynard Dixon reacts negatively to Millennials riding bikes and crashing as they normally do. He also thinks he sees Forest Gump running in one of the FailArmy videos. Finally Dixon is disgusted with more Millennials breaking musical instruments before they even play a song.

18 Carat Affair - Mirror Mirror Sampled Dont You Want My Lovin' - Michael Baker

In this episode of Culture Stroke Host Jason Matthew talks about Vaporwave. He releases audio of the song Mirror, Mirror by 18 Carat Affair that samples Don't You Want My Lovin' by Michael Baker.

Jason Matthews reads the Wikipedia definition of Vaporwave and then gives his commentary on what he thinks it is based on his experience.

Jason Matthews talks about early 1980's R&B such as Slave, Brother's Johnson, and Skyy. He says he has a good knowledge of R&B released during that time but had never heard of Michael Baker's, Don't You Want My Lovin'. He says it never charted.

Jason Matthews goes into detail about his feelings of Vaporwave and 18 Carat Affair including the subjectivity it includes. He talks about how Vaporwave artists do create original music with samples that sound like 1980's music.