Facts Do Not Exist | There is No Objective Reality | Science is a Belief System Like Religion

In this episode of Culture Stroke, Host Jason Matthews explores the assumptions of objective reality and facts.

Jason Matthews says he has done a lot of research, contemplation and meditation on this subject.
He claims there are no facts and there is no objective reality. He says they are complete, blind assumptions.

No such thing as facts
No such thing as facts

Matthews says science is full of assumptions and is a belief system, just like religion. No one has ever proven facts exist. So science is a house of cards. Scientists are no robots in white, sanitized jackets. They are biased, indoctrinated, corrupt people, just like everyone in society. They are not special or exempt.

Matthews says science confused the map for the territory. For example when you read something on the internet or see something on TV you are taking it on blind faith because you have no direct experience of it.

there is no objective reality
There is no objective reality

Matthews says scientists are biased for many reasons. Examples are upbringing, the school system, family issues and problems, corruption, and much more. He says just humans being involved in analyzing anything means there will be subjectivity involved.

Jason Matthews says even direct experience is not reliable because eye witness testimony is biased.