Vaporwave Classic: 18 Carat Affair Desire Sample of Mccrarys Love on a Summer Night

18 Carat Affair is a Vaporwave artist based in Kansas City, MO with many releases, including Vintage Romance, Televised Tragedies, Adult Contemporary, 90210, and many more. His music dates back to 2011 but some places say it dates back farther, to around 2008. Either way, he is one of the most well known, and respected Vaporwave artists, due to his true understanding of the genre.

18 Carat Affair is the image enterprise of artist/musician Denys Parker. Using a 4-track tape machine, synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines, Parker creates short tape spliced collages of haunting funk. 18K has put out genre spanning CDR singles and EP’s since 2005. Most of these early recordings are compiled on the 2009 release, “Spent Passions”.

Parker is currently roaming around Kansas City, MO.

In 2011 he released 60/40 showcasing the “Haunted/ New Romantic/ Funk” sound as described. 60/40 has brought attention to the works of 18K, Being Initally released on 10 “Fashion Sampler” VHS cassettes and sold in local KC record shops. Noted Influence: Scott Walker, The Cure, Prince/Revolution, Cocteau Twins, OMD, 80's R&B, Tears For Fears, The Beach Boys, Kate Bush, Public Image Ltd., Burt Bacharach, Phil Spector, Velvet Underground/Nico, Roxy Music.

The McCrarys are an American family Gospel and R&B group best known for the songs "You" (featuring Stevie Wonder on harmonica), "Lost in Loving You," "Love on a Summer Night" and "Any Ol' Sunday" (later covered by Chaka Khan). In 2014, they founded The McCrary Foundation, a nonprofit to help those in need through the healing powers of music.

Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, the family recording act consisted of siblings Linda, Alfred, Charity, Sam and Howard McCrary. In 1972, the quintet released a gospel album, Sunshine Day on Light Records. When the group moved from gospel to secular music in the mid-1970s, Howard left the group to continue in gospel. The group released their first album "Emerge" on Cat's Eye records in 1973, featuring the title song along with Kung Fu, Be A Father To Your Son, 6 other McCrary tunes and You've Got A Friend.

The group relocated to Los Angeles and recorded a series of R&B albums in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Their biggest hit was "You" (written by Alfred, Linda and Sam McCrary), which featured harmonica by Stevie Wonder. A huge R&B single, the song also achieved significant airplay on Pop radio stations, peaking just below the Top 40. It was featured on their debut Portrait album, Loving is Living. On the album's cover notes, Stevie Wonder said about the group:

"If it is your desire to experience: Lyrics of sincerity, song and harmony, family in unity, your heart being warmed by universal and intimate loves, then share with me the fulfillment of that desire by experiencing the McCrary family."

Their follow-up album on Portrait was the 1979 release, On the Other Side. It featured the Top 40 R&B single, "Lost in Loving You." The song was written by Alfred McCrary, Linda McCrary and Sundray Tucker.

Howard rejoined the group for their first Capitol release, Just for You. While the 1980 album was not as successful as their previous releases, the song "Any Ol' Sunday" (written by Linda and Alfred McCrary) became a hit single for Chaka Khan on her 1981 What Cha' Gonna Do for Me album.

Howard McCrary did not appear on All Night Music, their next Capitol release. This album featured the single, "Love on a Summer Night."

In 2014, The McCrary's founded The McCrary Foundation Choir. Their first single "Let There Be Peace" was released on October 11, 2016.