Culture Stroke YouTube Channel Trailer

Uh, hi and everything. This is J.T...So like, this is the new YouTube channel trailer thingy for our channel and stuff. 

But like sorry because I thought I hit the stop button at the end of the video but I guess I didn't. But like, I don't know how to go back and edit it so, sorry dudes. 

But I hope all you peoples like Culture Stroke. 

My mom said it's really cool that I can be on a show like this and I told her I would not disappoint her or nothing. 

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The Jacksons Torture 1984 Reaction Commentary by Generation Z Teenagers

Instructions to watch original The Jacksons Torture
music video and hear commentary below:

Start playing first video and let it run for 18 seconds (you can see the
seconds count off by holding your cursor over the video). Then immediately
press play on the second video. Then press the mute button on the second
video (hold cursor over second video at the bottom and click the sound icon
to mute the sound at the bottom). Also unmute the first video if it is muted.
Enjoy. In future videos, everything will be lined up perfectly. This is a
first demo, test video.

In this episode J.T. and Jeffrey react to and provide commentary on the Jacksons music video Torture from 1984.

Jeffrey wonders where the video is taking place and which of the
brothers is Michael Jackson. He determines it is definitely not the person
in the "Cruise Director's Hat" because he is probably the Captain of the ship. J.T. and Jeffrey both agree at least the have entertainment on the ship like
dancing and singing.…

Lost Ruins of Ancient Fresno Civilization Found in Woodward Park - Grand Opening

This is a clip of the grand opening of the recently discovered lost Fresno civilization in Woodward Park. As you can see a lot of people turned out for the opening and were not disappointed.

The ruins took over a year to be dug out. Reportedly a dog walker stumbled upon them in the northeast corner of the park. They were completely unknown until now. This is an amazing discover and seems to have connections to similar structures found in other parts of the world.

Fresno has a lot of history to be proud of. Allegedly, the Fresno Chamber of Commerce is very excited and is planning mass advertising of the ruins to draw new visitors to the city. Everyone was shocked upon learning of the discover in late 2016. It has been kept a secret from the public until now to prevent vandalism of the site. However, now that the site is open, security is at a high level.

A visitor at the Fresno Underground Gardens reportedly saw a staff member sigh upon hearing the news, throw up their hands, and run into…

S1E10: 10 Things To Know and Love About Fresno, Ca | Commentary from Sergeant Maynard Dixon and JT | Wine Making, Fresno Crime, and more | Season Finale

In this episode of the Forever Fresno Podcast, JT, Sergeant Maynard Dixon and Host Jason Matthews focus on a article entitled 10 Things To Know and Love About Fresno. 
The following are discussion items in the show:
1. If you are thinking of moving to Fresno and like what you see, odds are greater you will land in Clovis next door.
2. Fresno politics are complicated by water (more specifically by the lack of sufficient supplies to completely irrigate the fertile soil surrounding the city.)
3. Keeping with politics: Although Fresno County is one of the most conservative places in California, it has more registered Democrats than Republicans.
4. Are tacos your favorite food?

5. As everyone who parachutes in and writes about Fresno observes, it’s just a few hours away from the beach, the mountains, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 
6. Interested in wine-making as a career? 

7. From the end of February to the middle of March, the Blossom Trail erupts in colors that will simultaneously exci…

S1E9: Fresno Back to School at Tioga Middle School in Fresno, Ca | JT and Jeffrey Talk About Their Classes and Girls

In this episode of the Forever Fresno Podcast, JT and his friend Jeffrey take over the show. They talk about the back to school experience at Tioga Middle School in Fresno, Ca. 

JT gives a rundown of his classes including PE, Spanish for Native Speakers, Science, World History, Math, and Music. 
Jeffrey wants to know what "hot" girls are in each class. 
They both talk Fashion Fair, Blackbeards Lighthouse Teen Dance Club, John's Incredible Pizza and more. 
They also talk about the upcoming back to school dance at Tioga Middle School.

News, Insight, and Entertainment to the Community of Fresno, Future Residents, and Nostalgic Natives from around the World. Like Nothing You've Heard Before! If you love Fresno, you are going to love this show!

S1E8: Fresno Bee: We Are Not the Enemy, We Are Like You | Caller Spies on Fresno Bee Building?!

In this episode of the Forever Fresno Podcast, Jason Matthews, Rossi Ricco and Sergeant Maynard Dixon give commentary on a controversial article the Fresno Bee published recent. The editorial article has received negative publicity on social media channels.

Fresno Bee Headquarters?
Jason Matthews speaks with Rossi Ricco concerning the Fresno Bee article via telephone from downtown Fresno. Ricco arrived early at Fresno Bee Headquarters to watch alleged employees as they enter and exit the building.

Jason Matthews attempts to stay objective in the situation. Sergeant Dixon tries to get Jason Matthews to commit to a position on the subject. The theory is employees at the Fresno Bee are liberal, weirdo, hippy, San Francisco types.

Ricco seemingly attempts to confirm the exact opposite of what the writer of the article is alleging; employees of the Fresno Bee newspaper are normal, everyday people. The Fresno Bee article claims the staff  "consists of real people who live, work, purcha…

S1E7: Fresno Nightcrawlers | Exclusive Interview of Original Photographer Jose | Footage Secrets Revealed, Confirmed | Fresno Bulldog Gang | Yosemite Nightcrawler

In this episode Host Jason Matthews is granted an exclusive interview of Jose, the alleged original photographer of the Fresno Nightcrawler footage.

Jason Matthews enlists Sergeant Dixon to relay translations from his neighbor, Roy Rubenstein, from Spanish to English. Jose does not feel comfortable talking in English about the Fresno alien but he does understand English. Roy Rubenstein told Sergeant Dixon he is fluent in Spanish and can translate for Jose but Roy does not want to directly come on the Forever Fresno podcast. Therefore, the only option is to have Jose answer Jason Matthews questions and have Sergeant Dixon ask Roy Rubenstein for the translation off mic.

Jose talks about the Fresno Nightcrawler Native American history and how he was visited by a local tribe concerning the matter after his sighting of the Fresno creature. Jose gives very specific information on the Fresno Nightcrawler stick figure alien. He provides exact dates and times as well as the camera model used …